Industry Resources

Establishing a Unified, Systemic Approach to Strategy, Activation, and Data

Enhance campaign efficiency with creative, media, and data convergence. At the 2024 POSSIBLE expo, we presented a unified framework to 60+ marketers, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Unlocking Retail Media Innovation: The Garage Podcast Dives into AI and Adapting to Changing Tech

Clinch joins Albertsons Media Collective and ADWEEK to discuss the crucial role of connectivity and platform unification in streamlining efficiency for RMNs. Recorded live from POSSIBLE Miami.

Evolving roles, workflows, opportunities & the convergence of DCO & ad serving

Clinch and Digiday surveyed 120+ agency professionals, revealing insights into the evolving advertising landscape and the future of campaign planning and execution.

Innovate or Stagnate: Leveraging AI for Advertising Success

Industry leaders join a roundtable discussion on how AI is a time-saving tool for eliminating repetitive tasks, enabling employees to focus on activities that bring substantial value.

The Power of New Digital Capabilities for an innovative Tomorrow

Industry experts share valuable insights and best practices in crafting personalized shopping experiences, enriching and expanding first-party audiences, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Tactics for Collaborating on DCO for Efficiency and Campaign Success

Discover the platforms & tools necessary to bring all teams to a central point of activation, refine messaging based on customer circumstances, & drives superior business outcomes.

Retail Media Buyer's Guide to Navigate the Retail Industry

A comprehensive manual that covers the benefits and challenges of Retail Media, closed loop measurement, onsite, offsite and in-store capabilities, and more. 

What's Driving Long-term Profitability for Retail Media Networks

An exclusive look into the automated technology, platforms, and partners used to construct a differentiated offering to brand advertisers participating in Albertsons’ Media Collective.

The AI-driven Tech Powering Successful Campaign Strategies

Leaders in personalization technology and client success take the ADWEEK stage at Cannes Lions to discuss how AI-driven automation is enabling brands to achieve new levels of success.

5 Personalization Strategies
to Engage Sports Fans

Data-driven advertising that connects to sports fans everywhere, anytime – based on player affinities, match countdowns/outcomes, and more!

A Nightmare on Ad Street:
Harrowing Stories of Agency Disasters

Read chilling tales of omnichannel omens, demonic data, and other haunting stories of agency disasters. These harrowing stories of agency disasters are sure to haunt your dreams. Who will make it to launch alive? 

Why Everyone Should Think Like a Retail Media Network

Learn how a unified strategy to activation propelled Albertsons Media Collective to top retail media network status. Industry leaders share insights for thriving in a changing media landscape.

The Ultimate Guide For CTV Personalization

Learn how to identify the top personalization strategies to meet your campaign objectives through CTV, and the best practices from creative to activation, to set yourself up for success along the way.

DCO Data™ The Holy Grail of Consumer Intelligence

Understand the power of DCO data™  Join Clinch and LiveRamp as they uncover how to tap into this incredibly valuable data set, and its many applications to build better strategies and find new audiences. 

Clinch CEO Introduces our new SaaS Platform, Flight Control at Mediaweek

Join Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni on how a simple, intuitive technology is revolutionizing advertising efficiency while empowering agencies/brands to effortlessly implement robust ad personalization and optimization strategies across all channels.

Clinch and Merkle Discuss Strategies Driving Campaign Efficiency and our New SaaS Platform, Flight Control

Join Merkle and Clinch, as they discuss what was “too hard” before can now be both simple and much more powerful. The presenters will also discuss Clinch’s innovative Flight Control Platform that solves for complexity.

WTF is Data-driven Creative

Most people prefer personalized ads, but few want advertisers to know anything truly personal about them, as individuals. The trick to personalization that works is to leave personal identifiable information (PII) out of the equation but still make the ads resonate on a personal, circumstantial level. 

Data-Driven Creative in the Experience Age

Data is the bedrock of customer experience, and leveraging it to build a customer-centric view enables the creation of tailored campaigns that resonate with consumers’ needs and preferences, enhancing their overall experience.

Consumer Insights on the Value of Personalization Across the Sales Funnel

Survey of more than 500 consumers provides roadmap for advertisers looking to build stronger and more relevant consumer connections. Accordingly, Facebook was overwhelmingly cited by consumers as the strongest platform

How Leading Brand Marketers Are Using Personalized Video To Drive Sales

We studied the momentum of video compared to other ad types, the kinds of personalization criteria being used, and the results being generated from video personalization and customization.

The AI Opportunity for Grocery

The pandemic has provided both an opportunity and a challenge for online grocery retailers. Learn how retailers can leverage personalization to capitalize on changing consumer shopping behavior and preferences to drive sales.