Clinch in Cannes

MEDIALINK BEACH - June 20, 2023

Recorded Live from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

No brand vertical has accelerated quite like the Retail Media sector. As more and more entrants materialize into the 60 billion dollar marketplace, the margins of differentiation become increasingly smaller. Onsite inventory is arguably unique but has limited scale. The real driver of differentiation – and ultimately success – lies in the retailer’s data stack.

In this panel discussion, industry mavericks, Kristi Argyilan, SVP Retail Media at Albertsons Companies, Oz Etzioni, CEO & Co-founder at Clinch, Ben Sylvan, GM, Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk, and moderator, Taryn Segal, an associate company with McKinsey & Company, explored the topic of retailers and what they need to do to stand out and succeed in a crowded marketplace.

Key Topics:

  • Automation must be applied to every step of the campaign lifecycle, from planning to activation, to measurement/optimization¬†
  • The biggest competitive advantage in market right now, is not only having the right data, but making it actionable
  • The value in separating audiences from inventory
  • How to leverage log-level data for measurement and audience building¬†


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