Dynamic Creative Optimization

Results Like These

25 %
Sales Lift
20 %
Lower CPC
176 %
Higher CTR

Client Challenges

Drive to Purchase Path

Increase Return on Ad Spend

Re-engage Cart Droppers

Re-engage Past Buyers

Respond to Buyer Personas

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How We Help

Product/Message/Offer Testing

Environment Aware Product Selection

Advanced Product-Persona Matching

Full Funnel Message Optimization

Granular Segmentation by Engagement

Clinch ecommerce DCO for Telcel


Spur online sales in social and display with multi-variant A/B testing.

Clinch ecommerce dynamic advertising for Nike


Every shoe has a story to tell. Personalized ads tell the right people.

Clinch Dynamic ecommerce advertising for Mercadolibre


Using automation and dynamic creative optimization to increase sales.