Smart Ad Serving

Clinch’s platform includes an AI-driven ad server for video and display, with proprietary features that enable personalization. With smart decisioning that considers not only the first and third party data available about the audience but the individual’s circumstances — based on elements like local time and weather, past engagement and purchase, real time nearby stores, sports and teams preferences and current scores, and much more — to make incisive creative decisions more likely to earn their attention.

Unlike other ad servers, Clinch is able to learn and optimize across and between channels. So what happens in display, social, video, or anywhere else your creative appears informs the whole campaign, not just the silo in which it happened.

One Tag

A single tag assembles and delivers video and display ads through on-the-fly decisioning based on user and circumstantial data.

Constant Optimization

Every impression is treated as a small experiment, allowing rapid scaling of intelligence and optimization throughout the campaign.

Cross-Channel Learning

With a single AI backbone, learning from each channel in a campaign is applied on all channels. The impact of learning is magnified.

Clinch serves ads with dynamic creative optimization for Despegar Travel

Alejandro Falco

Performance Marketing Manager at Despegar

“Clinch has helped us improve the quality and granularity of our ads, allowing us to focus on the strategy of our campaigns while Clinch delivered the right creative users are most engaged with. We were able to improve scale while improving performance.”

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