Everything Depends on Getting Personal. Everywhere.

We believe advertising is where video and data come together. In a time in which brands can no longer effectively communicate with a few mass messages, and when consumers expect and deserve respect for their time and relevance to their needs, the world needs a company that enables advertisers to easily personalize their content, in every touchpoint with their consumers.

We founded Clinch on the idea that data that describes the immediate, local, lived experience of the person seeing an ad can allow the ad to shape itself to the circumstances of the viewer. We built our technology from the ground up to turn a complex task that would have been unmanageable if done manually into a simple task so that the benefits come at a minimum of effort. Easy to design beautiful ads. Easy to connect them to data sources for personalization. Easy to export them into all channels and all formats. Easy to integrate with any advertisers’ media stack. And, most of all, easy to deliver video into the experience on every channel. We think of ourselves as enabling Personalization Everywhere. Because that’s where the audience is and that’s where brands must be: everywhere.