Automotive Dynamic Creative

Results Like These

- 65 %
Cost per Lead
2 x
+ 30 %

Client Challenges

Generate Top of Funnel Nameplate

Drive qualified leads

Drive to Sales Events and Showroom

Drive to Configurators

Qualify financing or trade-in


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How We Help

Increase sales via digital path to purchase

Drive quality foot traffic to nearby dealerships

Increase dealership sales

Conquest consumers from competition

Optimize message & offer with video A/B testing

Turn Tier 1 ads into Tier 2 and 3

Clinch DCO AWS Partner

Mark Dipko

AWS Auto Industry Marketing Lead

“Clinch allowed us to develop a connected program that created custom content at scale, from initial shopping, through the dealership experience, the whole way through purchase and even after sales.”

Clinch Automotive DCO Mercedes Benz Case Study


Improve quality of leads while also lowering cost per lead

Clinch Automotive DCO for Honda


Drive foot traffic to nearby dealerships and Increase sales

Clinch Automotive Dynamic Creative Optimization for Kia

Kia Stinger

Ads in every channel for every step of the purchase path