CPG Dynamic Creative

Results Like These

6 x
ROAS vs. Generic Campaign
- 60 %
Lower CPM
2 x
Engagement Rate

Client Challenges

Move from Awareness to Performance

Shopper Marketing

Understand Who Buys What and Why

Scale Without Waste

Adapt to Changing Buying Behaviors
(store to e-commerce)

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How We Help

Test Products Against Audience Profiles

Feed Back Engagement/Performance Data to CDP/DMP

Identify Circumstantial Engagement Triggers

Aggressive Optimization of Programmatic Ads

Produce Potentially Millions of Ad Variants

Clinch CPG DCO For Bud Light

Bud Light

Quickly adjust messages and content for paid and earned media (Covid-19)

Clinch Dynamic Advertising for Busch


Increase sales with dynamic hyper-local and weather-based offers

Clinch CPG DCO for Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Build loyalty and awareness to new products with interest-based video