Take a Personalized Approach
to Event Marketing

Performance-driven Omnichannel
Personalization for Event Marketing

By Sara Walker-Santana, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Clinch

January 4th, 2024

The live entertainment industry is experiencing a resurgence, making it an opportune moment for event marketers to invest in tailored marketing strategies that deliver a competitive edge.

Despite potential concerns about rising ticket prices, consumer enthusiasm for live entertainment is strong, with diverse demographics showing a keen interest in all entertainment types: music, concerts, theater, comedy, classical music, and sporting events, contributing to a thriving market. Projections indicate robust growth for the industry, with a global market value expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2032, growing at a rate of 5.9% annually.

To effectively tap into this dynamic market, event marketers need innovative approaches, such as employing AI-driven, data-centric, and personalized omnichannel campaigns. Live event purchases vary in planning, ranging from months in advance to impulse decisions based on announcements or seasonal traditions. Consumers often explore multiple platforms and websites to find the ideal entertainment option, making personalized campaigns crucial.

An omnichannel activation platform, like Flight Control, can play a pivotal role in capturing both new and existing ticket buyers. By offering customizable AI-driven personalization features, the platform optimizes campaigns to drive ticket sales efficiently.

Event marketers can leverage advanced data-driven creatives that adapt to real-time variables, such as consumer interests, proximity to event locations, planned date ranges, and recommended event types. Custom decisioning logic further enhances lead quality while reducing the cost per ticket sale, allowing for dynamic adjustments without re-trafficking campaigns.

Flight Control empowers marketers with access to data and advanced AI for upselling or cross-selling relevant products and offerings based on consumer search intent and previous purchases. The platform’s proprietary solutions extend targeting and reach, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Through enriching event feeds with first-party audience data, event marketers can improve targeting, offers, and deals, leading to increased ticket sales. Top event items lists, derived from consumer searches, best-performing items, and brand-determined preferences, enable effective categorization and implementation across various campaign types.

Advanced event retargeting strategies, incorporating in-market shopper location, previous site visits, and relevant offerings, keep consumers engaged until purchase. AI-based decisioning logic facilitates efficient and accurate personalization at scale, displaying event products and offers based on multiple inputs, such as desired event search, location, suggested events, performers, and event details.

Message sequencing through dynamic event landing pages guides consumers through relevant offerings based on their intent and buyer’s journey stage. This approach consolidates audiences and budgets, leading to significant reductions in media spend.

Real-time data enrichment, facilitated by Flight Control, provides unique insights derived from in-market shopper engagement, enhancing ad creatives, event sites, ad serving, and creative events. The platform ensures data portability across various platforms, including DMPs, CRMs, and CDPs.

In conclusion, event marketers can expedite bringing deals and promotions to market with Flight Control’s intuitive UI and AI-driven campaign automation, seizing the opportunities presented by a thriving live entertainment industry.

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