Mattress Firm Case Study

Bridging the Gap Between Online Impressions and Offline Sales

Mattress Firm Case Study

Bridging the Gap Between Online Impressions and Offline Sales

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Mattress Firm was gearing up for the launch of their Labor Day sale, aimed at driving in-store sales at retail locations across the United States. Clinch was selected as Mattress Firm’s dynamic creative optimization partner of choice, not only for their advanced ad serving and dynamic creative capabilities, but their ability to provide granular cross-channel insights identifying specific creative elements
that sparked offline conversions.

Clinch’s ability to link ad impressions to in-store visits using LiveRamp’s measurement enablement solution has already proven to be invaluable for our business. It has provided us with actionable insights that are helping us refine our media planning and creative optimization strategies.​

Lindsay Spletter, Senior Digital Media Manager at Mattress Firm


Clinch’s omnichannel campaign activation platform, Flight Control, provided Mattress Firm an end-to-end solution to plan, run, and measure their online video and display campaign, and measure the full return on ad spend with precision and accuracy.

Dynamic Video Creatives

Clinch created a custom creative template that featured dynamic end cards and overlays to support 
a variety of Labor Day sale messaging and promotions. A location feed populated an interactive 
map that guided viewers to their nearest Mattress Firm store.

Performance-driven Decisioning & Optimization

Clinch executed a creative testing strategy based on Mattress Firm’s testing parameters, and overlaid
conversion-based auto-optimization logic that placed emphasis on top performing message variations.

Advanced Omnichannel Measurement

Leveraging Flight Control’s seamless integration with LiveRamp for the ingestion and attribution of offline event data, Clinch successfully captured and attributed offline event data – specifically in-store sales data, to Mattress Firm’s Labor Day campaign. In its role as the primary dynamic creative ad server, Clinch provided rich granular creative engagement data, pinpointing the creative elements driving the best performance.

Dynamic Video Creative with Location-based Interactive Map

Dynamic Video Creative with Labor Day Sale Messaging


The optimization capabilities provided by Clinch were crucial to driving foot traffic to nearby Mattress Firm locations, resulting in a 21% increase in average daily offline sales and increased CTR of 15%.

By partnering with Clinch for their biggest sale event of the year, Mattress Firm was able to close
the campaign measurement loop, uncover the direct correlation between their online impressions to
in-store sales, and inform future media planning and creative optimization strategies by leveraging
attributed offline conversions within Flight Control.

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