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Streamline your way to Success in 2022

January 4, 2021 

The consumer’s path to purchase is as fragmented as ever, and with the growing adoption of e-commerce across platforms like CTV/OTT and social redefining the omnichannel mix, communicating with your audience across multiple touch points and reaching them in a unified omnichannel way has never been more essential. From planning a campaign strategy to making the most of A/B testing, our experienced team of Clinchers has provided a list of tips to help you streamline your way to success and efficiency in 2022:

The Value of Automated Optimization

Bridget Dombrowski, Ad Ops Specialist

Before embarking on your DCO journey, invest time developing a testing roadmap. The roadmap should consist of potential creative iterations for new and existing concepts informed by cross-channel insights, industry trends, channel best practices, and/or website learnings. This ensures tests ladder back to KPIs, rather than losing sight of initial goals. Additionally, the planning process establishes stakeholder alignment and streamlines communication once tests are in flight. When properly executed, roadmaps can drastically improve your cross-channel testing strategy, creating a solid omnichannel marketing approach.


Don’t Over Complicate your Campaign Strategies

Javier Castillo, Account Manager Lead EMEA

The Occam’s Razor Principle, also known as the law of parsimony, is the problem-solving principle that states, “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. This principle is helpful to remember when designing dynamic creative campaigns. A complex structure with many placements, ad sets, combinations, click trackers, impression pixels, etc. will benefit certain use cases, however by no means should this be a standard approach. Examine your plan and find a way to simplify your strategy and campaign setup. Keep things simple – the right tech partners will offer flexibility to build upon it as opportunities present themselves.

Simplify your trafficking process

Jackie Sunderland, Sr. Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Ad Ops pros will be the first to tell you that complex personalization at scale can be operationally challenging. Hundreds of creative permutations trafficked across multiple campaigns, placements and geo-locations can cost hundreds of hours of manpower. The more complex the process, the higher the propensity to make mistakes. While personalization at scale can seem daunting, a solid tech partner can streamline the personalization process and execution by allowing for instantaneous, robust creative decisioning from a single ad tag in a unified platform. Choosing the right partner will empower your campaign, add value to your creatives, and make personalization execution an operational ease.

Proactively Plan Now, Work Less Later

Claire Fellin, Senior Account Manager

Planning a solid creative strategy for your client should begin with a conversation to determine the most extensive number of scenarios they anticipate for achieving their KPIs. It’s important to inquire about all the possible variables you should expect throughout a campaign’s lifetime, such as disclaimers, location specific copy, product logo size differences, and more.  Once you’ve identified what elements might change or will be introduced subsequently, you can create a template that can accommodate any shifting parameters in the future. A proactive approach to mapping now will result in fewer concerns about new elements conflicting or being unavailable within the established design later. Instead, your template can do the heavy lifting, dynamically changing as is, to accommodate these updates. Ultimately, you’ll know the creative will adjust accordingly and you’ll spend less time scrambling to revise assets and meet deadlines.

Find Omnichannel Clarity in a Fragmented Landscape

Albert Nance, Sr. Account Director 

Video. Display. Social. Native. CTV. DOOH. Your audience consumes digital content across every available screen. Often multiple screens at once. And each environment calls for a different communication style. It can get complex. And quickly. Your media and creative strategy likely mirrors this mutli-channel, multi-message, multi-audience, fractured landscape. That’s why it’s important to find an omnichannel DCO partner that can help you centralize operations, streamline workflow, simplify process, scale your creative output, and gather greater analytical insights across your entire campaign footprint. This can create efficiencies, increased ROI, better learnings for future campaigns, and hopefully, give you some time back in your busy schedule. 

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