How to Win the
Media Buying Battle

The Tech That Will Take You To The Top

By Claire Fellin, Director of Client Success at Clinch

December 5, 2022 

In every media buyer’s career comes a time when they have to make a choice. Is delivery in full enough? Or, is it worth the effort to charge headfirst into the creative delivery to really understand a campaign’s effectiveness?  When time is money, and even more so, money is money, media buyers have much bigger battles to fight than sifting through the wide array of signals that could be key to greater long term success. 

A media buyer’s focus is often fixed on avoiding make goods, ensuring brand safety, and ultimately getting the most bang for an advertiser’s buck.  As a consequence, the notion of gathering sophisticated insights on how a strategy can be optimized is often sidelined. If this were Game of Thrones, that would be the equivalent of ending your campaign at season 5 or season 8. What good is more content when creative intelligence isn’t there? 

While the more ambitious media buyer takes stock of their channel mix, fallback rates, which creative variants contribute to ROAS, and more, these insights are historically difficult  to compile and articulate in a transparent and time efficient way, especially in a cross-channel and dynamically changing digital environment. What buying teams need are fast, accurate and easily understood avenues to review and refine their campaigns, without having to rally the troops through endless threads of internal support and partners alike. Instead, with self service options at their disposal, buyers can get the insights they need asap. 

As a next level SaaS tool to have in your arsenal, Flight Control by Clinch ensures media buyers have the same pulse on all campaigns stages as traffickers, data scientists and other stakeholders. This level of access and transparency for buyers can directly impact the speed at which plans get into market, the accuracy of delivery and the flexibility to change as client demands or campaign insights evolve.

As the key stakeholder in client budgets and relationships, we know that buyers can use many of the essential features of Flight Control to their benefit, including:

Flexibility with strategic partnership activations and adjustments

When KPIs change, contracts shift or delivery needs to be more specialized. In Flight Control, campaigns can be tweaked with the toggle of a button - and without completely re-trafficking; this includes adding new brand safety, multi-touch attribution or foot traffic vendors to your campaigns, or just simply activating or deactivating publisher partners.

Less time spent calculating ROAS

The ability to set eCPMs exists at the campaign, placement or creative level allows users to track financial return quickly, easily, and in real-time.

Faster launches with less errors

Automated & scalable tag set up processes, and direct integrations with programmatic partners & measurement vendors dramatically reduces error rates and turnaround times

Creative intelligence to add value to buys and performance

Unique insights are available at the creative variation level or across partner, device(s) and cross-channel.

Crisis aversion through campaign monitoring tools

Automatic campaign notifications, monitoring and QA help to resolve creative and/or ad serving issues before they happen.

With the above and more covered within Flight Control, media teams can be confident they have the tools to understand and communicate the efficacy of their buys. They can also avoid delays and frustrations with clients though a more agile and accessible system. This all boils down to a better relationship with all stakeholders within an agency’s media planning and activation army, making the realm of possibility for new budgets and brand support a much less daunting prospect. With Flight Control by Clinch, you can go forth and conquer!