How Generative AI is Changing
the Game for Designing Ads

Creative teams are leveraging Generative AI to streamline
their processes, unlock new levels of personalization,
creative ideation and ultimately deliver more impactful and
engaging ad campaigns.

By Ram Alon, Director of Product Management at Clinch

November 2nd, 2023

As a product manager in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, it’s an exciting time to have a front-row seat to the latest innovations in AI technology. With massive interest and user adoption in business and consumer AI applications, the opportunities to build game-changing products and features that profoundly transform the advertising landscape are endless.

While the space is still evolving in unknowable ways, and privacy and legal considerations are required to move forward with AI technology investments properly, AI technology will undoubtedly improve the everyday workflow of digital advertisers and designers, allowing them more time for creative thinking and big ideas.

Clinch already applies AI to our platform, Flight Control, in areas like personalization, optimization, and dynamic mapping. Still, so much more is being ideated by integrating advanced Generative AI powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and neural networks. It can generate content that works in tandem with human creativity. Text, images, videos, and more can all be produced using AI, all while learning from vast datasets to create content that is accurate and relevant and more.

How Gen AI is Advancing Personalized Content at Scale

Personalization has become a cornerstone of modern advertising. Generative AI can analyze user data and preferences to create highly personalized ad content tailored to each individual. This level of customization was previously unattainable at scale and can significantly improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns by delivering messages that resonate with the audience on a personal level. Clinch will enhance its ability to personalize campaigns through automations that guide users during campaign setup and strategies, saving time and assisting them in using Flight Control to its fullest potential.

How Gen AI is Advancing Omnichannel Content Creation + Editing

Generative AI is not limited to a single medium. It can seamlessly create content across various formats, including text, images, audio, and video. This versatility empowers creative teams to craft holistic ad campaigns that tell a cohesive story across multiple platforms and engage audiences in a more immersive and impactful way. Clinch will enhance its already robust creative creation toolkit in Flight Control with AI features that reduce the manual work by automatically adjusting ad sizes, speeding up the creative setup process. As Generative AI advances, it may be possible for designers to provide a single ad concept that Generative AI can digest, build, and generate all the various sizes per ad type, per channel, and per platform, opening up an entirely new ad creative workflow.

How Gen AI is Advancing  Efficient A/B Testing

A/B testing is crucial for optimizing ad campaigns, but it can be resource-intensive. Generative AI can facilitate A/B testing by generating multiple ad variations for testing purposes. This streamlines the process, enabling marketers to quickly identify which elements are most effective in driving desired outcomes. Clinch already automatically optimizes and generates winning creative in ad campaigns. With new Generative AI features like the ability to automate creative mapping for dynamic templates to guide dynamic creative setup, creative teams will reduce time spent creating ad variations and have the bandwidth to scale their campaigns and operations significantly.

How Gen AI is Advancing Creative Ideation + Speed to Market

Generative AI can act as a valuable collaborator for creative teams. It can generate drafts of ad copy and visual concepts and even suggest complementary elements, allowing team members to focus on refining and enhancing the generated content. This approach speeds up the entire creative process and fosters innovative thinking. AI can automate the process of rapid prototyping and creative ideation, which is crucial as the advertising industry pendulum swings back to focusing on its creative roots.

How Gen AI is Advancing Knowledge Assistance

Working with new technology and platforms is crucial to future-proof advertising and creative organizations, but onboarding can be time-consuming and costly. Clinch is building an AI-powered knowledge assistant that will intuitively answer questions, guide users to specific actions and spaces, and make recommendations for creative strategy, optimizations, and more. It will significantly reduce the learning curve for new users to grasp and apply Flight Control’s advanced features and functionality to their fullest; launching campaigns faster, decreasing errors, and more. 

The AI-powered knowledge assistance can also minimize time spent reading and searching lengthy articles and make recommendations beyond product documentation by tapping into Clinch’s expert team’s wealth of knowledge. It can be trained to provide advice, tips, and best practices that have been refined over years of experience in building complex personalized omnichannel advertising campaigns.

Embracing the Future

While Generative AI offers immense potential, it’s essential to acknowledge and address potential challenges. These include ethical concerns, ensuring that AI-generated content aligns with brand values, and maintaining human oversight to prevent unintended consequences. Creative teams must strike a balance between harnessing AI’s capabilities and preserving their unique creative vision.

As we move forward, integrating Generative AI into advertising workflows will become increasingly prevalent. Creative teams that embrace this technology will find themselves at a significant advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. By leveraging Generative AI, they can streamline their processes, unlock new levels of personalization, and ultimately deliver more impactful and engaging ad campaigns.

This technology promises to reshape the creative landscape. As product managers, it’s our responsibility to guide our teams toward an ethical future where creativity knows no bounds.