Flight Control Feature Spotlight


Streamlining The Ad Creative Review and Approval Process with Tearsheets

By Sara Walker-Santana, Senior Product Marketing at Clinch

With Digital Advertising and the rise of AI, the volume of a campaign’s creative variations to QA and approve has grown exponentially. Flight Control’s Tearsheets provides a collaborative, user-friendly solution to manage the process efficiently and effectively.

January 30th, 2024

Automation has significantly reduced the busy work associated with ad creation, creative authoring, and creative versioning. However, with the rise of AI and solutions like dynamic creative optimization (DCO), where one creative can generate infinite ad variations, the crucial process of reviewing and approving ad creative can still require a lot of manual effort from agency and client stakeholders. At Clinch, we are consistently improving the campaign activation workflow – making it smarter, faster, and more efficient, which led us to Tearsheets in the Flight Control UI.

The Common Challenge of the Creative Review Process

Traditional approval methods have struggled to keep up with the pace of digital advertising. Ad creatives often undergo multiple rounds of review, and involve various stakeholders across internal agency teams, and clients. Regulated industries like pharma, finance, food, and beauty often require an adherence to strict legal guidelines, which requires an additional legal review across internal and external councils. And when these advertisers turn to dynamic creative optimization to produce and scale creative variations with different messages, offers, store locations, products and more, they sometimes, in turn, add a bit of complexity to the approval process. With Flight Control’s Tearsheets, stakeholders now have a faster and more efficient way to review, provide feedback, and approve multiple creative variations.

Tearsheets for Campaign Review and Approval

Flight Control’s Tearsheets feature serves as a comprehensive solution to QA a large volume of creatives in a campaign. They extract all possible ad variations based on the campaign setup, providing a transparent, accurate and user-friendly view. Tearsheets can be used to review various campaign formats, including Display, In-Banner Video, Video (VAST), Digital Out of Home Image, and Interactive Video campaigns – all from one intuitive UI, and have easy-to-use filtering, commenting and bulk approval capabilities. Furthermore, Tearsheets are flexible and customizable to match the requirements of different campaign types and setups. 

User-friendly Management of Tearsheets

Tearsheets are managed in one centralized location in Flight Control, where stakeholders can access all vital information such as total variations and approval status, and take actions like editing, duplicating, or deleting creatives. There is also a public link generated for each Tearsheet allowing for easy sharing with all external stakeholders, simplifying collaboration. The Tearsheet feature can provide both a detailed view of all ad variations with global filters, actions for preview, refresh, and play/pause control allowing users to efficiently review and analyze ad variations as well as comprehensive tools for managing, searching, and commenting on variations.

Streamlining the Process

Flight Control’s Tearsheets feature not only simplifies the review process but also streamlines the approval workflow. The ability to approve or reject individual ad variations, or all at once, empowers users to maintain control over the campaign’s creative elements. The inclusion of a commenting system facilitates clear and documented communication for all stakeholders.

Tearsheets can also be exported in either Excel or PDF format, allowing for seamless collaboration with internal and external teams. The export options consider any applied filters, ensuring that the exported file aligns with a user’s specific requirements. The ability to export Tearsheets ensures that all stakeholders have the ability to access them minimizing any friction in the creative review process.

In conclusion, Flight Control’s Tearsheets feature is a game-changer for all agency, client, and legal teams involved in ad creative review and approval. Tearsheets offer a faster, more efficient, and collaborative approach to managing multiple creative variations which ultimately saves time and money – getting ads to market faster with no errors.

To learn more about Tearsheets and Flight Control contact info@clinch.co.