An Award-winning Play for Strategists

The Road to Victory Requires
Speed, Accuracy and Automation

By: Adam McClements, Client Success Manager, EMEA at Clinch

December 28th, 2022

Media strategists are the proverbial quarterbacks of the agency paradigm. They have an innate understanding of the broader advertising ‘field’, which ‘plays’ work best depending on complex combinations of different variables – audience, geo, seasonality – and orchestrate the timely and effective execution of said plays in real time. They understand the importance of historical data to performance and ground their moves in insight wherever possible. 

It’s a pivotal role but one fraught with challenge. For one, teams often comprise a complex cross-section of different players – from media buying to ad operations to data science – and aligning on a core strategy can be problematic. By nature, campaign activation is riddled with unknowns – be they budget reallocations, flight rescheduling or last minute creative revisions – and, as when a star player goes off with an unexpected injury, strategists need to be able to adapt at speed to extreme changes in circumstance. 

Moreover, the proof is ultimately in the pudding. To quote Winston Churchill, ‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results’, and, in the midst of an increasingly nebulous advertising ecosystem, a fundamental challenge facing strategists is making sense of the numbers, which are often disparate, misaligned and sit across a swath of different platforms and data sets. 

What strategists need, then, in light of these challenges, is a ‘playbook’ of sorts – something that can better enable complex decision-making mid-flight, allow for fast, strategic pivots when the chips are down, and consolidate data in an omnichannel context – and a system that oils communication channels across agency specialist teams. Flight Control by Clinch solves for all of these and more:

Real-time performance insights in alignment with creative strategy

See in real time how impressions, clicks, conversions, financials and other key KPIs are distributed across your creative strategy without having to draw on laborious platform reporting for insight. The collaborative nature of the platform makes it easy for regional teams to share and benefit from best practices.

Strategic flexibility and speed

Use Flight Control’s unique versioning tools to refine or completely rework a live strategy in real time without disrupting delivery or performance. Pivot seamlessly across different approaches in clutch moments and adapt and activate on the fly.

Simplified, collaborative workflow for central oversight, quality control, and greater efficiency across channels and across teams

Omnichannel campaign activation has never been easier, with one unitary workflow across Display, Video, CTV, DOOH and Social. Share previews with other functions at campaign or creative level and use Flight Control’s inbuilt central approval tools to align on decisioning and versioning.

Flight Control by Clinch empowers media strategists to not only think critically and more effectively, but to overcome the pain-points associated with activating media in an ever-evolving sphere that demands optimal performance. With Flight Control, strategists can create cross-channel plays, freely disseminate these across agency teams and clients alike, and monitor the efficacy of campaigns in real time, with the flexibility to switch things up whenever necessary. And, as campaigns invariably come to encompass more channels and more sub-teams, Flight Control affords strategists a collaborative, unified workflow to cut through the complexity. Make more touchdowns, and prepare for take-off.