Clinch Launches Revolutionary New SaaS Platform, to Bring Unparalleled Power and Efficiency To Agencies and Advertisers

Flight Control dramatically improves operational efficiency for agencies and brands with a single, simple, visual platform that enables strategy, activation, and measurement and fosters end-to-end collaboration across all teams

NEW YORK, February 22, 2022 

Clinch, the “Personalization Everywhere™” company that leads the industry in AI-driven omnichannel personalization (DCO) and dynamic ad-serving, today announced the launch of Flight Control, the very first powerful SaaS platform built to eliminate complexity in campaign workflows and make agencies and internal brand media organizations more efficient and profitable. 

Already integrated with the leading audience, data, and distribution companies like The Trade Desk, DV360, LG Ad Solutions, Facebook, OUTFRONT, LiveRamp, and others, Flight Control allows advertisers and agencies to build and run complex, highly personalized campaigns across all channels without requiring specialized knowledge or strenuous integration work.

By unifying campaign management in one end-to-end platform — from strategy to media planning, creative to trafficking, with mid- and post-campaign analytics — all stakeholders can work easily together, solving for the fragmentation in the current process. 

By automating all channel specific workflows into one visual framework, Flight Control removes the need for technical expertise or silos for channels like CTV, OTT, programmatic, social, native, DOOH, and more. By handling all channels and phases of a campaign in one system, Flight Control eliminates delays and errors and provides unprecedented real-time analytics and predictive modeling to improve campaign performance from launch through campaign end.  

“Flight Control is a representation of what Clinch has always sought to do with creative personalization from the client perspective, which is to simplify the logic-building that enables successful DCO campaigns across all channels,” said Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch. “It’s no secret that until now, the process of planning, activating and then measuring campaign performance has introduced almost as much friction into campaigns as it is intended to solve.”

Many teams are already using Flight Control alongside Clinch’s Smart Ad Serving, a powerful platform that provides real-time analytics and enables adjustments and optimizations throughout the lifecycle of the campaign, reporting not only on what combinations of creative elements performed but also on why they performed.

“As Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) continues to change the media landscape at a breakneck pace, we see Clinch as a standout for their focus on constant innovation to meet the demands of the market and our clients. To date, the industry has really been missing an intuitive UI to create, manage and maintain DCO campaigns across all paid media channels. We’re thrilled to be the first agency to pilot Clinch’s new Flight Control interface and see it as a major evolutionary tool that will take agency enablement to the next level. Flight Control is the game changer we’ve been waiting for.”- Amy Thorne, EVP, Performance Creative Business Lead at Merkle.

Clinch has become the go-to omnichannel personalization platform for marketers across the globe. With the launch of Flight Control, Clinch intends to help the entire industry eliminate the vexing process challenges that have endangered practitioners and businesses for years.

About Clinch

Clinch is an AI-powered Creative Personalization platform that delivers consumer-tailored ad experiences across all channels, to drive online and in-store performance and sales. Clinch provides brands and agencies with an omni-channel creative solution that leverages data to automate, personalize and optimize display and video ad experiences at scale, across programmatic, social media, in-app, native, and OTT / CTV.

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