Clinch as Effective Ad Serving Alternative for Amazon

Empowering Brands with Seamless
Ad Serving Solutions

By Roger Vasquez, VP Technology Solutions at Clinch

November 30th, 2023

As Amazon announces plans to sunset Amazon Ad Serving + DCO (Sizmek) in 2024, advertisers worldwide are searching for new advertising partners. At Clinch, we make the process of migrating to our platform as simple as possible so that you can enjoy a seamless transition.

Why Clinch for Ad Serving?

With AI-powered creative automation tools, access to unique data, and the most innovative primary ad server available, Clinch makes running data-driven ads, everywhere, more manageable than ever before.

Below are just a few advantages of utilizing Clinch’s award-winning ad serving solutions to help your business succeed.

Omnichannel Optimization

Clinch stands out from ad serving competitors by surfacing learnings to optimize across and between channels. In other words: what happens in video, display, connected TV, social, or anywhere else your creative appears informs the whole campaign, not just the silo in which it happened. Further, activating across channels is simplified through advanced workflow automation.

Imagine a ‘winning’ headline instantly taking priority across all your channels the second it proves significance. 5 A.M. on a Sunday morning? Clinch automation never sleeps.

Innovative AI

Driven by AI, our innovative platform is built with proprietary features that enable advanced personalization. With smart decisioning that considers not only the first and third-party data available about the audience, but also the individual’s circumstances — based on elements like local time and weather, past engagement and purchase, real-time nearby stores, sports and team stats, current scores, and much more — to make intelligent, creative decisions more likely to earn their attention.

Cookieless Ad Serving

For decades, ad serving leveraged data such as user identities, interests, and habits from cookies to make and measure decisions; however, alternate methods are required to survive in a future of cookie deprecation. Fortunately, with Clinch, you can thrive. Clinch’s smart ad server unlocks numerous identity solutions in a secure, privacy-compliant manner, giving you an accurate and persistent method for understanding and targeting audiences, for making and measuring your decisions.

Advanced Functionalities for Dynamic Video (DCO)

Advertisers utilizing Clinch can achieve virtually any ad serving or creative strategy, as all video formats are supported: VAST, In-banner video, VPAID, etc. Clinch allows you to control every component of the ad and strategy with ease, with endless customization options available to make personalizing and re-editing content a streamlined process. Plus, our proprietary rapid rendering technology cuts speed to market time, while significantly reducing creative product costs.

Futureproof OTT & CTV

Clinch was built and designed with the future of Over-the-top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) in mind. Wherever video ads can be served, now or tomorrow, Clinch VideoAI™ creates and renders online video ads, intelligently and dynamically adhering to publisher specifications, while our smart ad server decides what to show and to whom at precisely the right time.

Looking for an alternative to Sizmek in 2024? Look no further than Clinch. With creative automation tools, innovative AI, and cookieless ad-serving strategies, we are proud to serve as one of the top-rated ad service providers in the industry. Contact us here.