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Best Practices to Help You
Unlock the Full Potential of DCO

June 30, 2021 

The consumers path to purchase is becoming increasingly fragmented across the online and offline world. It’s now imperative to not only communicate with your audience across multiple touchpoints, but also to analyze and optimize your brand experiences in an unified omnichannel way that keeps up with their changing behaviors and preferences. Sound familiar? That’s the promise of true omnichannel DCO. To take advantage of everything a DCO can offer, we’ve compiled a list of tips from experienced Clinchers that are sure to help you pave the way for a successful campaign. 

Get More From Your CTA

Ashley Hoblin, Account Manager

When incorporating a CTA into your ad, think about how the look, feel, and language are conducive to the channel where the campaign is running. On social channels, consider using the platform’s native CTA buttons as opposed to building them directly into the creative. For display and video, review your verbiage to ensure the actionable text uses concise, exciting, and inviting language. For OTT and CTV, consider helping your audience immediately connect to your website in non-clickable environments via a scannable QR code. Across all channels, your CTA button or code should stand out visually, with colors that contrast from the background and a space buffer to separate it from the other elements of the ad. Lastly, take advantage of A/B testing; compare how different messages and visual styles each draw engagement from your audience to choose a CTA that generates proven results.

Leverage DCO to Elevate Ads on Social

Cassidy Bohan, Head of Ad Operations

Social media platforms are fast evolving into powerful commerce tools. In many instances, they offer large pools of authenticated users who are tuned in, engaged, and ready to buy. But consumers on these channels also expect a higher degree of personalization, which is can be difficult to achieve at scale. Luckily, the core principles of DCO can be applied across social, and the right creative automation tools can make this a seamless process with minimal assets and resources required to set up, measure, and optimize. The data-driven, tailored messaging offered by DCO will increase the relevance of your ad messaging and ultimately drives brand recognition, trust & sales. 

The Value of Automated Optimization

Ying Jiang, Motion Designer

Automated testing and optimization is key to understanding your audience and meeting your KPIs. It’s important to focus your efforts on the touchpoints where your customers and prospects spend the most time, but can also offer new learnings from other channels and activations. For instance, if you see a high conversion rate coming from Instagram, you might want to test other channels that are built for mobile commerce, and will need to consider creatives that support these channels.

To get the most out of your ad spend, a DCO partner can provide real-time insight into customer engagement and optimize toward the creative and/or channels that are performing the best. These learnings can be applied to future omnichannel strategies that embody the platforms that your consumers are engaging with. Honing in on where your audience is consuming content will have a positive impact on the campaign’s performance, effectiveness, and in return lower costs.

Audience Strategy Built for DCO

Kristen Thomas, VP Sales

When running a DCO campaign, think about the big picture. Ask yourself simple questions, like “What is your end goal?” and then work backwards from there. One of the first steps should be determining who your audiences are, and the types of data you have available for both media targeting and creative decisioning. If you have first party or third party data you are activating on the media side, pass that data through to the DCO provider for creative decisioning. Activate additional targeting tactics like geo, weather, contextual, language, A/B testing, etc. to make the creative even more relevant per consumer. Then, analyze what you have learned so far in how each audience interacts with your brand, and how those learnings differ per channel. Your audiences are constantly changing and every campaign provides new insights. Take advantage of any intel you can gather to help tailor a future campaign or make real-time optimizations to deliver meaningful moments to your customers.

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