Clinch’s Shoppable Video Turns Awareness Into Action For Global E-Commerce Retailer


Clinch’s Shoppable Video Turns Awareness Into Action For Global E-Commerce Retailer

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With the meteoric rise of the digital storefront over the last two years, marketers and consumers are both eager for new online shopping experiences that close the gaps on the path to purchase. Marketers must increase the value of every media dollar spent with strategies that delight but also convert. For consumers it has become commonplace to buy what they want, when they want it. They expect the digital experience to keep getting faster, easier, and more tailored to their tastes. Clinch’s Shoppable Video solution incorporates eye-catching dynamic branded video, advanced product-persona matching, environment-aware product selections, as well as product, messaging and offer testing to serve the most personalized ad to a consumer. All of this happens in-real time via data feeds which inform ad iterations that drive directly to a product page and ultimately to checkout. 


An iconic global retailer for men, women, and kids tapped Clinch to build and serve fall fashion video ads with the goal of increasing engagement and return on ad spend. The retailer had traditionally viewed video ads as a higher-funnel awareness activity. Clinch introduced their innovative Shoppable Video solution to quickly move the consumer down the funnel from awareness to action. Shoppable Video ads are a performance-focused deviation from standard video ad units that incorporate unlimited and rich data feeds such as location, inventory and offers with multiple products and calls to action which lead directly to a product page for purchase.


Driving performance through innovative segment-based shoppable videos
with multiple 
click out URLs:


Clinch’s proprietary creative tools were leveraged to design a dynamic creative ad template which contain all components  (products, branded video, branded colors, messages, CTA) used in multiple ad variations.

The ad variations paired the right branded video with the right selection of apparel and promotional offers sourced from the client’s product feed.

Clinch’s Shoppable Video creative best practices were applied to existing brand creative assets to drive campaign performance.


Clinch’s Ad Ops and Creative Strategy team worked with the retailer to set-up and manage their complex inventory feed setups. Clinch shared best practices on categorizing a large-scale, multi-category e-commerce inventory that aligned price and promotions with messaging and creative assets. 


Clinch’s AI-driven decisioning engine linked on-site viewer’s profiles and behaviors to determine which ads to serve. 

Clinch tested and optimized multiple video and product feed variations (mens vs. womens vs. kids vs. hybrid); to find the winning combinations for the advertiser.


Clinch’s Shoppable Video drove significant lift in all categories:

  • The top performing ad was the women’s elevated basics which garnered the highest video completion rate of ~50% + a conversion rate of 6.7%.
  • Rich engagement insights were fed back into the client’s DMP for audience enrichment, and to inform future campaigns.

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