DCO Drives Qualified Leads for Multinational Bank's New Rewards Card


Clinch DCO Helps Multinational Bank Drive Qualified Leaders fo their New Rewards Card

57 %
Lead Gen
- 47 %
Cost Per Lead
1.5 %
Conversion Rt


Personal finance is… personal. When a large multinational bank wanted to promote their new rewards card, they needed to reach qualified customers with messaging that appealed to their individual lifestyles, wants and needs. 


Clinch’s data-driven creative automation tools crafted custom templates for each of the bank’s  target personas. Within each template, multiple ad versions were automatically rendered with different messaging and imagery that spoke to the wide array of features and benefits of the new card. As a Facebook Marketing Partner with a direct social API, Clinch was able to bulk import all ad variants within a single upload, which saved hours of manual work. 


Clinch’s advanced decisioning engine A/B tested each ad variant across each person to uncover which version resonated most with each audience type, and optimized toward the best performing creatives, while eliminating underperforming variants. This increased operational efficiency of the campaign, while decreasing acquisition costs.

Clinch created over 50 ad variants personalized by segment-driven messaging

Audience engagement insights were used to inform subsequent targeting strategies

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