2x AdExchanger Award Winner

AdExchanger Named Clinch “Best Data Technology” & “Top Strategic Partner for Advertisers” in 2021

November 1, 2021 | Katie Arena

Clinch has been recognized in Adexchanger’s 2021 Programmatic Power Players as a top strategic partner two years running, and Best Data Technology in the 2021 AdExchanger Awards 

AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players list is the digital marketing industry’s first searchable guide to the best tech providers and partners in the business. Clinch was recognized for their expertise in creative strategy/solutions, and video, CTV and OTT capabilities.

What makes Clinch a Top Strategic Partner For Advertisers?:

  • Creative strategy and services that enables their clients to drive their consumers down a path to purchase by dynamically serving key messages that align with their “in the moment” behaviors and interests
  • Robust DCO capabilities for video, CTV, OTT that make the process of creating, delivering, understanding, and optimizing omnichannel ad campaigns frictionless and fast, and offer a high degree of 1:1 personalization at scale.
  • Unique consumer intelligence and analytics provide brands with a deeper understanding of their customer’s path to purchase, as well as the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. 

Andrew Frank

Research VP & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

“As precision ad targeting disappears behind a wall of privacy, Clinch helps marketers pivot toward a creative-led approach that’s free of cookie dependencies but still offers deep, AI-driven personalization. Its creative tools support on-the-fly assembly of content-rich video and static formats with results-based learning and optimization across programmatic video and display, social, mobile, connected TV (CTV) and OTT, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) channels. With an approach that spans strategy, execution and analytics, Clinch is part of a wave of ad tech innovators that are helping brands address new restrictions on targeting and measurement with better, more relevant ad experiences

Closing out the 2021 award circuit, The AdExchanger Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in digital marketing and advertising. Clinch was awarded the title, “Best Data Technology” for their industry-leading DCO and consumer intelligence offerings. 

What qualified Clinch as Best Data Technology?

  • Real-time creative analytics and visualization tools that derive actionable insights from every campaign. What good are performance metrics if the campaign is over two weeks before you get them? Clinch’s campaign reporting is collected in real time, so both ad serving and engagement events are  accessible from their easy to navigate UI at any time.
  • Automated AB testing and optimization make running complex multivariate testing seamless and effective
  • Advanced data and platform integrations with leading tech platforms (DMP/CDP) and third-party data providers are built into the Clinch platform. Clinch clients can access and activate at the click of a button.


“Data-driven creative is the cornerstone of any ad experience, across any channel, to deliver the real-time relevancy required by today’s consumer,” said Oz Etzioni, CEO, Clinch. “Being named a Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger for the second year in a row is a testament to our solutions that enable advertisers to easily automate, measure and optimize their campaigns, and ultimately deliver more effective, personalized brand experiences to their customers.”

To learn more about Clinch’s industry-leading creative ad technology solutions contact info@clinch.co