Clinch Unveils Unique CTV
Creative Performance Insights

Canvas Worldwide Automotive Client is First to Pilot New Creative Measurement Capability Enabling Advertisers to Attribute Secondary Device Conversions to CTV Creatives

March 13th, 2024

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, today announced the rollout of advanced creative attribution reporting for Connected TV (CTV) campaigns. This expanded measurement solution offers advertisers the ability to uncover granular campaign insights by linking CTV ad exposure to conversions taken on secondary devices.

Despite CTV being one of the fastest-growing media channels, it can be difficult for advertisers to attribute actual return on investment and return on advertising spend to CTV ads. Now, when CTV ads are served through Clinch’s Flight Control platform, advertisers have visibility into the viewer’s subsequent actions taken on their digital properties, signaled via a single user or multiple users within the household. These rich, granular insights have a multitude of use cases, including creative optimizations, creative engagement analysis, and future campaign planning, and include an array of reporting dimensions, such as product, offer/incentive, call-to-action, creative themes, and much more.

“As the creative ad server, Clinch is the only stakeholder within a campaign activation that is privy to knowing which specific elements within a creative were tied to a conversion,” said Charel MacIntosh, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Clinch. “By utilizing Clinch’s advanced CTV creative attribution reporting, advertisers can apply lower-funnel conversion KPIs to their CTV activations, maximizing the value of their spend across this channel.”     

Flight Control users can easily set up attribution requirements per their own unique specifications, with flexible conversion events and access to insights within the system’s robust reporting UI. These CTV creative attribution metrics can also be utilized as optimization measures within a campaign’s logic to refine creative decisioning, and further inform media operations.

Clinch’s Advanced CTV Creative Attribution Helps Canvas Worldwide’s Auto Client Uncover Creative’s Influence on High-Value User Conversions

 Canvas Worldwide is one of the largest independent media agencies and a longtime partner of Clinch. One of their leading Automotive clients was among the first advertisers to pilot this capability with Clinch, as a way to measure campaign success beyond standard CTV metrics like video ad completion rates and impression delivery, which provide little understanding of what drives performance. Clinch’s reporting uncovered a variety of data dimensions, including which featured vehicle shown throughout an ad drove the highest conversions, which devices were most utilized for specific actions (e.g. finding a dealership or inventory lookups/building models), and more.

“As clients increasingly look to adapt CTV into their omnichannel strategies, holistic and accurate measurement is paramount to understand what is driving success,” said Emery Wescott, Canvas Worldwide SVP of Performance Strategy. “We believe Clinch’s CTV attribution measurement could be incredibly valuable in providing insights that can be used for a range of applications, including performance optimization, creative direction, strategy customization, and more.”

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