Partnership Announcement:
Clinch + The Newco

Clinch Partners with The Newco to Deliver Robust Creative Personalization and Enhanced Data Enrichment Expands Cookieless Footprint Across Italy.

Clinch, the Personalization Everywhere company that provides cross-channel dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology to the world’s leading advertisers, announces today its partnership with Italian adtech agency, The Newco, to offer enhanced creative advertising technology and identity solutions across Italy. 

Marketers will be able to combine The Newco’s innovative ID matching technology that makes first-party/CRM data actionable in a programmatic environment with Clinch’s creative personalization and marketing AI to deliver more targeted advertising. 

The Newco ID (TNC ID) allows advertisers to collect and scale user data from any digital touchpoint in a cookieless and privacy compliant manner.  Combined with Clinch’s award-winning advanced video rendering tools and AI powered decisioning engine, advertisers can create and deliver hyper personalized omnichannel brand experiences across any platform, and optimize the creative to the highest degree of relevancy in real-time. Clinch feeds creative engagement level-insights, such as what drove a consumer to a purchase, back to an advertiser’s data management platform of choice to enrich their user profiles and build a better view of their customers.  

“What sets Clinch apart from others in the creative advertising technology space is their innovative approach to data, and the importance of establishing a true omnichannel personalization strategy to best connect with consumers” says Andrea Folcio, Co-Founder of TheNewco. “The factor that impressed us the most in Clinch’s technology is that it allows advertisers to adapt messages to any format, from addressable TV to social, so that every user can have the most relevant digital brand experience without sacrificing quality in favor of customization.”

“With the eminent demise of third party cookies fast approaching, it’s never been more important to invest in cookieless identity solutions to ensure that personalization can be achieved accurately and at scale” said Oz Etzioni, CEO and Co-founder at Clinch. “We’re excited to partner with The Newco for their experience and reach across the Italian market, and region where we see growing demand for creative personalization across all channels (Video, Display, Social, Native, DOOH, Addressable TV).” 

Leading the commercial development of this partnership are Francesco d’Acrì, Business Development Advisor at The Newco, and Oded Lida, GM of EMEA at Clinch. 

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About Clinch

Clinch is an AI-powered Creative Personalization platform that delivers consumer-tailored ad experiences across all channels, to drive online and in-store performance and sales. Clinch provides brands and agencies with an omni-channel creative solution that leverages data to automate, personalize and optimize display and video ad experiences at scale, across programmatic, social media, in-app, native, and OTT / CTV. For more information visit:

About The Newco

The Newco provides publishers and brands with powerful technology capable of enabling data activation and monetization services. The proprietary technology allows you to collect, analyze and activate data online and offline from all digital and offline touchpoints without resorting to the use of cookies, maintaining a persistent correspondence between all the devices with which users interact.