Clinch Partners with Intent IQ
for Expanded Cookieless Identity Solution
Across Mobile and CTV

First of its kind integration,
offering real-time omnichannel data accessibility
with up to 97% accuracy

NEW YORK — January 13, 2022 — Clinch, the “Personalization Everywhere” company that leads the industry in AI-driven omnichannel personalization (DCO) and dynamic ad-serving across CTV, OTT, programmatic, social, native, audio, and DOOH, today announced a partnership with next generation identity resolution leader Intent IQ, for expanded omnichannel identity integration and CTV/mobile addressability. 

“Our partnership with Intent IQ is one of many steps we’ve taken to strengthen our clean room, and support marketers’ increasing need for enhanced omnichannel addressability” said Raz Peter, CTO and Co-founder at Clinch. “In addition to Intent IQ’s industry-leading scale across cookieless environments like CTV and mobile, their data is accessible in real-time and without latency. This is a game changer in enabling faster, more precise decisioning and optimizations at scale.”

The partnership scales Clinch’s identity and data enrichment solutions on an individual or household basis across environments that lack deterministic IDs, including CTV and in-app/iOS. This helps marketers achieve cross-app, cross-site and cross-device targeting and attribution in a privacy compliant manner, and is easily activated with the click of a button during campaign setup in the Clinch UI. This joint solution is compatible with all systems and platforms, no integration work is required. 

The Clinch identity graph is enhanced with Intent IQ’s massive footprint that dynamically maps over 114 million households across North America, and includes over 355 million CTV IDs and 448 million MAIDs. This robust cross-channel identity graph is the first of its kind based on a stack of complex algorithms and AI, combined with one of the largest deterministic datasets in North America. All data is transmitted via a single call, versus several calls per data source, offering deterministic accuracy, probabilistic scale, and unparalleled efficiency. Real-time data syncing is another unique component, as other identity partnerships rely on an offline syncing process that results in slower analysis and optimizations and data discrepancies.

“Gone are the days when marketers were limited by fragmented data signals or absent identifiers,” said Dror Ben-Yishai, CTO at Intent IQ. “Our partnership with Clinch reflects our commitment to providing marketers innovative and scalable identity resolution across all environments, and the flexibility to work with any existing data stack or partner integrations.”

Future iterations of the partnership will open up Clinch clients to enhanced demographic and attribute data to be used for compound decisioning logic and optimizations. Clinch partner integrations are intended for simple plug and play enablement, and easily activated  with the click of a button in their SaaS platform. 


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About Intent IQ                                     

Intent IQ is a privacy-forward next generation identity resolution leader, whose technology is powering many of the leading platforms in the industry. It is backed by AlmondNet Group’s IP portfolio currently comprised of over 150 granted patents. Intent IQ’s solutions are fueled by a powerful identity device graph with unparalleled accuracy and scale that connects all screens and devices, in real-time, across multiple environments including cookieless, MAID-less and CTV. Its solutions include privacy-friendly identity resolution, bid enhancement and attribution. Intent IQ is headquartered in New York City and has a research and development center in Herzliya, Israel. For more information, visit