Clinch Wins 2024
AI Excellence Award

Business Intelligence Group Honors Flight Control for Innovative Application of GenAI

March 20, 2024 

The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and creator of Flight Control, the omnichannel campaign activation platform, was named a winner in its Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program, for the most innovative applications of Generative AI.

Clinch’s Flight Control was built to streamline the campaign activation process for agencies and advertisers, making them massively more efficient, and empowered to deliver maximum performance and ROI. By applying GenAI to enhance already automated workflows, build and scale ad creatives across all channels, and access knowledge and reporting, campaigns get to market faster than ever, with less errors, and result in massive cost and time efficiencies. 

Examples of GenAI-powered enhancements in Clinch’s Flight Control platform include the ability to automatically generate complete campaign strategies with multi-layer decisioning logic from a written prompt, automate the way creatives are built, edited, and scaled at unprecedented speed with superior accuracy, and query reporting, access knowledge and acquire insights in an instant.

“Our mission at Clinch has been crystal clear from day 1: make the process of planning, serving, measuring, and optimizing omnichannel campaigns as efficient and successful as possible for our clients,” said Raz Peter, CTO & Co-founder of Clinch. “By integrating GenAI into a multitude of systems and processes throughout our Flight Control platform, we’re not just redefining what AI can do in this industry—we’re pushing the limit on performance and ROI. 

“We are truly honored to recognize Clinch with this prestigious award,” stated Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer for the Business Intelligence Group. “The unwavering commitment of their team to excellence and their innovative AI applications have catapulted them to this remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the entire organization!”

About Clinch

Clinch is the recognized leader in omnichannel ad serving. The company’s AI-driven dynamic personalization technology delivers custom-tailored ad experiences across all channels, driving best-in-class performance and ROI. Flight Control, Clinch’s Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, enables agencies and brands to manage the entire campaign lifecycle, from strategy through activation and measurement, on a single platform that makes them massively more productive, efficient, and profitable. In everything Clinch does, it automates workflows and leverages data to personalize and optimize display and video ad experiences at scale, across programmatic, CTV, social media, in-app, native, and Digital Out of Home (DOOH). For more information visit:

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